After Hours Care

After hours calls may be subject to an out- of-pocket $25 service fee.

 If you have a question that requires answering after our regular office hours, please call the answering service at 281-583-6712or you can call our office number and it will give you the answering service phone number.

If you need to speak to the on-call nurse about an urgent question, the answering service will forward your call to our after hours nursing service. You will leave your name, child’s name, and call back number and the on-call RN will call you back and ask you detailed questions following a standardized triage protocol. If they determine that your child should be seen in the Emergency Room, the physician on call will be notified.

There is a $25 charge per call for all patients, as this service is usually not a covered benefit. Most insurance do not cover after hour phone consultations since they often offer a free nurseline. This is usually found on the insurance card.

 Sometimes, our children’s illnesses are not emergencies, but we would like them to be seen for peace of mind.  For those parents who would like their child to be seen by a pediatrician before Town Center Pediatrics opens, Night Light Pediatrics or Texas Children’s Urgent Care are excellent and relatively inexpensive pediatric urgent care facilities that are open when we are not.

 We do not want cost to keep you from calling after hours. A no cost option available is the Memorial Hermann Nurse Health Line at (713) 338-7979 or toll-free (855) 577-7979 to speak with a nurse.