Phone Consultations

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Phone: 281.494.2255 Fax: 281.494.2266

We welcome your questions and are here to help you in your important task of raising a happy healthy child. For routine phone consultation calls, please call during regular office hours. During regular clinic hours there is medical office staff available by phone to help you with your questions and concerns. They will have your child's medical record available for documentation as well as accurate information on his/her medical history. They are best able to make recommendations in keeping with the medical advice of your child's physician and have access to the physicians for additional answers. You may find the answers to some of your questions in the Health Topics section of this website as well.

Our medical staff are very knowledgeable about many aspects of caring for children, including nutrition, minor illness care and common growth and development issues. They can also help you if you are unsure whether your child needs an appointment. We receive many calls each day, some in clusters. Phones are especially busy Monday and Friday mornings. If one of the medical staff is not available to take your call directly, the receptionist will take a message for her to return your call. PLEASE LET THE RECEPTIONIST KNOW RIGHT AWAY IF YOUR CALL IS AN EMERGENCY.

If you have have a question that require answering after our regular office hours, the answering service will gather your child's information and who their primary physician is.  A medical assistant or nurse will return your call and ask you detailed questions following a standardized triage protocol. If they determine that your child should be seen in the Emergency Room, the physician on call will be notified.  There is a $25 charge per call for those patients over the age of 1 year, as this service is usually not a covered benefit.  If you would rather speak directly with the physician on call, please ask the nurse or medical assistant.  Most insurance do not cover for After hour phone consultations since most offer a free nurseline, usually found on the insurance card.  We do not want cost to keep you from calling after hours.  If you cannot afford the charge, please contact the billing office. 

If you need to refill a prescription, want a prescription called in, or have any questions about your child's health care, please don't hesitate to call and talk to one of the medical staff or check our prescription policy. If they can't help you, your problem will be relayed to one of the physicians. The physician may not be able to talk to you immediately, but will return your call as soon as they are able. For results of lab tests, or special evaluations, you may call the office. However, it is our policy to notify you if anything unusual or abnormal is found.